“Krav Maga is the most effective self defense system offered today . Krav Maga is easily learned and implemented quickly. This system is accessible to anyone interested in learning self defense techniques in aim to protect themselves and their surrounding”….…IKMF official site…….
In any Krav Maga site you can learn what is Krav Maga, but something more is Krav Maga in our training club:
” Krav Maga is fitness and self improvement !
Krav maga is fun and happy faces even more with bruises!
Krav Maga is the way to try more and more for overcoming body and mental limits!
Krav Maga is the 360 degrees eyesight during a situation!
Krav Maga is controlling yourself, the opponent and the surrounding.
Krav Maga is the technique to….not to be there.
Krav Maga is George, Nikos, Eleftheria, Nastasia, Vasilis, Giannis, Katerina, Haris, Mixalis, Vlad……..Krav Maga is family”
Join us ! Enter the Family!

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